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PHILOMESH SRL is an enterprise funded by European funds through the Innovation Architects project (ID 142130) within the Human Capital Operational Program 2014 – 2020, the “Innotech Student” call.

Digitize your products
and reach new limits.

At Philomesh, we believe that every good product has a great story behind it. We’re here to uncover and present that story to your customers in the digital era. By embracing the power of 3D modeling and rendering, our customers can showcase their products with stunning visuals for online stores, prints, social media, presentations, and more.




Every good product has a great story behind it. We’re here to uncover it to your customers in the digital era.We are shaping the path toward a future where technology and emotion are seamlessly intertwined using 3D.

We bring reality into the digital world

We make stunning visuals for furniture products to sell more & provide high-quality 3D models for artists and architects creating interior visualizations.

Present your products like never before using 3D.

Embracing 3D visualization gives you better control over the way clients interact with the products. We offer endless customization possibilities and ways to showcase them while being more efficient.

The process

We use images and CAD references to create a digital twin of the products.
From modeling to texturing and rendering, we take care of it all.

Better than traditional photography​

Clients want to improve their product presentation while also achieving faster and better results. Our clients receive deliverables for their websites, print catalogs and brochures, social media content, and marketing campaigns. Using 3D, you can achieve faster results with less effort, all at a more affordable cost.