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At Philomesh Studios, we believe that every good product has a great story behind it. We’re here to uncover and present that story to your customers in the digital era. By embracing the power of 3D modeling and rendering, our customers can showcase their products with stunning visuals for online stores, prints, social media, presentations, and more.

3D Modelling Services

We specialize in creating digital twins for furniture products. It all starts with your references: sketches, images and CAD files. From modeling, texturing and rendering, we got you covered. Either in the concept phase or for an already launched product. Endless customisation, ease of creating variations and scenes with your product. Using 3D visualization.


Create realistic images of your products for online stores, catalogs, social media, and marketing campaigns. We can help your business build an aesthetic presence on social media. From product shots on white or transparent background with shadow to lifestyle scenes that fit the style and tone of every product.


Bring your products to life with movement. Animations are exciting and captivating for viewers, having a great impact on social media – from a simple short clip of a product to an interior tour.



High quality 3D models with great topology, textures and details, for the best looks. Uncover the remarkable story behind your product with stunning 3D modeling.


Count on our consistent and dependable 3D modeling services. We bring your vision to life with unwavering reliability and top-notch results.


Traditional photography sessions for furniture take physical effort and a sizeable team. Maximize your budget without compromising on quality. Our cost-effective 3D modeling delivers exceptional visuals that won't break the bank.


Save precious time with our efficient workflows. Quickly transform concepts into captivating 3D models and animations without sacrificing quality.

More Sales

Boost sales with captivating 3D visuals. Engage customers on a whole new level and make the story of your product seen.


Unlock endless possibilities with customizable 3D models. Showcase different styles, configurations, and scenes that captivate your audience.


Leave a lasting impression with immersive 3D visuals. Captivate your audience through product animations and stunning renders.


Deliver an exceptional product experience with highly usable 3D models and animations. Make it easy for your audience to explore and interact with your offerings.

The Product

Even before launching a product, we can use sketches, images and CAD drawings to create a digital twin of your product. We aim for 100% accuracy.

Modeling & Texturing

As soon as we have all the materials, we begin the creation process of the product in 3D. This part is the foundation of work.

The Story

Together with our clients, we define the way all the products are presented to the world. At Philomesh we like to take a few steps backs so we can understand the true meaning of our customers demands.


Our clients get a view over the development process and know what they are paying for. All deliverables are established from the beginning.

Beautiful products tell a story.

They also sell more.