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Philomesh T&C


Philomesh products allow users to create stunning architecture visualization renders and videos. However, selling, reselling, or distributing the products is not permitted.


This License Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between you (referred to as “Licensee” or “you”) and Philomesh SRL (referred to as “Philomesh” or “we”), regarding the use of the 3D models (“Products”) purchased or downloaded from the store or other marketplaces profiles administrated by Philomesh.

  • Philomesh SRL: The brand and company operating – business entity registered as: PHILOMESH SRL in Romania, Municipality of Bârlad, Boulevard REPUBLICII, nr. 284, bloc C4, scara A, etaj 2, Ap. 6; CUI/CIF: 46352625, EU VAT ID: RO46969850

  • The website where 3D models (“Products”) are offered for purchase and download.

  • Products: the 3D models as Virtual representations of real-world furniture and other items.

  • License: Grant of non-exclusive, non-transferable rights to use the Products.

  • Client/User: Individual or entity purchasing or downloading the Products from Philomesh.

  • Intellectual Property: Ownership of copyrights, trademarks, and other rights belongs to original designers, manufacturers, or rights holders of the represented products.

  • License Agreement: Terms and conditions governing the permitted use of the Products.

  • Prohibited Uses: Restrictions on selling, reselling, and distributing the Products in original or modified form.

  • Disclaimer: Products provided “as is,” without warranties; Philomesh is not liable for any claims or damages arising from their use.

  • Legal Inquiries: Contact Philomesh at for any legal concerns or inquiries.

By purchasing or downloading any of our Products, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Philomesh grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the 3D models (“Products”) purchased or downloaded from the store or other marketplaces administrated by Philomesh. This license allows you to utilize the Products in the following cases:


a. Architecture Visualization: You are granted the right to use the Philomesh Products for architecture visualization purposes. This includes creating still images and animations for both personal and commercial projects. Whether you are an individual artist, a studio, or a company, you can incorporate the Products into your architectural visualizations to enhance the visual representation of your designs.

b. Collaboration: You are permitted to use and share the Products within your studio or organization as part of collaborative workflows. This means you can utilize the Products in team projects or internal processes, allowing your colleagues or collaborators to work with the same assets. However, it’s important to note that any modifications made to the original Products are considered derivatives, and the prohibited uses mentioned in the Agreement still apply.

c. Modifications to the Product: You have the right to make modifications to the 3D model mesh, as well as change the textures and materials, to better align the Products with your specific production processes. This flexibility allows you to adapt the Products to suit your requirements and achieve the desired results in your creative projects.

It’s important to understand that this license is non-exclusive, meaning that Philomesh retains the right to license the same Products to other individuals or entities. The license is also non-transferable, which means you cannot sublicense, sell, or transfer your rights to the Products to any third party without explicit written consent from Philomesh.

By acquiring the license to use the Products, you gain the ability to incorporate them into your architectural visualizations, collaborate with colleagues, and modify them for your production processes, subject to the limitations and prohibited uses outlined in the Agreement.

If you have any questions or concerns about the granted license or the allowed use of the Products, please do not hesitate to contact us at


You expressly acknowledge and agree to the following prohibited uses of the Philomesh Products:

a. Selling, Reselling, or Distribution: You are strictly prohibited from selling, reselling, or distributing the original file format or modified versions of the Philomesh Products, whether individually or as part of a package, without obtaining prior written consent from Philomesh. This includes but is not limited to, selling the Products on any online marketplaces, physical stores, or through any other distribution channels.

b. Integration in Digital Products for Resale: You may not incorporate the Products into any digital products, such as templates, themes, or plugins, intended for resale or distribution, without obtaining prior written consent from Philomesh.

c. Trademark or Logo Use: You may not use the Philomesh brand name, logo, or any other trademarks or service marks owned by Philomesh for any purpose, including but not limited to marketing, promotion, or endorsement, without obtaining prior written consent from Philomesh.

d. Competing Products: You may not use the Philomesh Products to create or develop products that directly compete with or replicate the functionality, design, or purpose of the original Philomesh Products, without obtaining prior written consent from Philomesh.

e. Use in Offensive, Defamatory, or Illegal Contexts: You may not use the Philomesh Products in any manner that is offensive, defamatory, or illegal. This includes but is not limited to, using the Products in any context that promotes violence, hatred, discrimination, or infringes upon the rights of others.

f. Any other use not explicitly permitted: Any use of the Philomesh Products not explicitly permitted in this Agreement is strictly prohibited unless you have obtained prior written consent from Philomesh.

Please note that violation of any of the prohibited uses mentioned above may result in the termination of your license to use the Philomesh Products. If you still have any questions regarding the use of our products after reading this license, please contact us.


Philomesh specializes in creating digital replicas of real-world furniture products and other items. The 3D models offered by Philomesh are virtual representations of physical objects, created using various software and techniques to create images and videos for the architecture visualization domain. These models are designed to mimic the appearance, shape, and characteristics of the original products.

It is important to note that Philomesh does not claim ownership of the underlying intellectual property rights associated with the real-world objects represented by the Products. The intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights and trademarks, belong to the respective designers, manufacturers, or rights holders of the original products.

On each product page, you will find information about the original product, including the name of the designer, manufacturer, or rights holder. Philomesh aims to provide transparency and acknowledgment to the creators of the original designs. By purchasing or downloading the Philomesh Products, you obtain a license to use the 3D models but do not acquire any rights to the original intellectual property.


At Philomesh, we strive to provide excellent customer support to ensure your satisfaction with the purchased Products. If you encounter any issues or have any questions related to the Products, we are here to assist you.

We offer support primarily through email communication and the form provided on our contact page. If you need assistance or have inquiries regarding the functionality, usage, or technical aspects of the Products, please feel free to reach out to us at Our dedicated support team will respond to your inquiries as promptly as possible.

When contacting us for support, it would be helpful to provide specific details about the issue or question you have, including relevant product information, screenshots, or any other supporting materials that can assist us in understanding and addressing your concern more effectively.

While we strive to provide accurate and helpful information, please note that support services are provided on a best-effort basis. We cannot guarantee immediate solutions or resolutions to all inquiries, as the complexity of each situation may vary. However, rest assured that we will do our utmost to assist you and find a satisfactory resolution to any legitimate issues you may encounter.

Please be aware that support services are primarily limited to the usage and technical aspects of the Products. We may not be able to assist with customization, integration, or other modifications beyond the scope of the original Products.

We value your feedback and suggestions as well. If you have any ideas or recommendations for improving our products or services, please feel free to share them with us. Your input helps us enhance our offerings and better meet the needs of our customers.

Thank you for choosing Philomesh. We appreciate your business, and we are committed to ensuring a positive experience with our Products.


At Philomesh, we strive to ensure your satisfaction with the purchased Products. However, in certain situations, we understand that you may need to request a refund. This Refund Policy outlines the circumstances under which refunds may be granted and the process to follow.

Eligibility for Refunds:

  1. Technical Issues: If you encounter technical issues with the downloaded Products that prevent their proper use or functionality, despite reasonable attempts to resolve the problem with our support team, you may be eligible for a refund.

  1. Dissatisfaction with Product Quality: If you believe that the purchased Products significantly deviate from the description provided on our website or other marketplaces, and this discrepancy is not due to your customization or modification of the Products, you may be eligible for a refund.

Please note that eligibility for a refund is subject to evaluation and approval by our team. We reserve the right to decline refund requests that do not meet the specified criteria.

Exclusions from Refunds:

  1. Change of Mind: We do not offer refunds for purchases based on a change of mind or if you have mistakenly purchased a Product. Therefore, we recommend carefully reviewing the Product details and specifications before making a purchase.

  1. Unauthorized Use: If we determine that the Products have been used in violation of the granted license, such as unauthorized distribution or commercial use, your refund request will be denied.

Refund Process:

  1. Contact Support: To initiate a refund request, please contact our support team at Provide detailed information about your purchase, including the order number, Product name, and the reason for your refund request.

  1. Evaluation and Resolution: Our team will review your request and assess its eligibility based on the criteria mentioned above. We may request additional information or clarification if necessary. We strive to process refund requests within a reasonable timeframe.

  1. Refund Resolution: If your refund request is approved, we will initiate the refund process. The refund will be issued using the original payment method used for the purchase. Please note that the processing time for refunds may vary depending on your payment provider.

  1. License Termination: Upon a successful refund, your license to use the refunded Products will be terminated, and you must immediately cease any further use of the Products.

Modifications to the Refund Policy: Philomesh reserves the right to modify or update this Refund Policy at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting the updated policy on our website.

For any questions or concerns regarding our Refund Policy, please contact us at We are committed to providing a fair and transparent refund process to ensure your satisfaction with our Products.




This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and Philomesh regarding the licensed use of the Products and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous negotiations, discussions, or agreements, whether written or oral. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Romania. Any disputes arising under or in connection with this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in Romania.